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Severe Weather Arrangements

Information for Parents/Carers

Please see the attached guide Fife Council Ready for Winter for answers to the following questions:

  • What kind of school closures are there?
  • How will I find out if my child's school is closed?
  • When will I receive further email or text alerts?
  • My child has recently moved school?
  • What can Parents/Carers expect in cases of severe weather?
  • My child is transported to school by bus, will the services still operate?
  • How can my child continue with their studies when the school is closed?
  • How can I find out if school events have been cancelled in cases of severe weather?
  • What are the main channels of communication during severe weather?
    • By text or email through your school - make sure that we have your mobile number and email address details so that we can contact you by Groupcall. You can contact us to update your details on Tel. 01592 583406 or Email:
    • Online - All the news and information you need is online. Visit and click on 'News Centre' for up to date information. Also check our Website
    • Follow Fife Council on and
    • Listen to Kingdom FM (95.2 & 96.1), Forth One (97.3) and Tay FM (96.4 &102.8)

If your question isn't answered here please contact the school directly or email:

Fife Council Ready for Winter 2020

Severe Weather Information for Staff

Sometimes severe weather makes travel to and from work very difficult. We need to take the time now to make sure our business continuity plans are in place, to keep critical council services running during severe weather. You can find staff information and severe weather guidance on our winter mini-site. Go to and click on staff information. There’s also frequently asked questions, giving answers to:

  • what should I do if I’m unable to get to work?

  • what options do I have for alternative work locations?