Life at Lochgelly High School




A warm welcome to Lochgelly High School’s Science Department

Our department is composed of dedicated and committed teachers with responsibility for teaching S1 and S2 Science and from S3 onwards, either Biology, Chemistry and Physics.              

The Team:

Miss C. Craig                          PTC Science (Biology)

Miss L. Edwards                     Biology

Miss E. Sandison                    Biology

Mr N. Devlin                             Biology

Ms V. Brown                            Chemistry

Miss H. McInnes                     Chemistry

Mr G. Queen                            PT1 STEM/ Physics

Mr M. Scullion                         Physics


“The Scientist is not a person who gives the right answers, they are the one who asks the right questions.”  

Claude Levi-Strauss

Science is an incredibly important part of our past, present and future and we use its applications every day in all aspects of our daily lives.  Science and its applications are at the heart of Scotland’s future, in relation to future scientific discovery, health and wellbeing, medical advancements and the conservation of our beautiful country.

Through learning in the Sciences our pupils not only develop their interest and knowledge but they also develop their practical skills, numeracy skills, literacy skills and their knowledge of and how they can positively impact upon their own health and wellbeing and the environment.

Learners, at all stages and levels, engage in wide range of activities which challenge their thinking and develop their enquiry skills, which allow them to develop important skills to progress onto positive destinations and successfully contribute to the wider world of work. 

With this in mind, learners’ pathways have two distinct stages; Broad General Education (BGE) (S1-S3) and the Senior Phase (S4-S6).


In S1 and S2 pupils will experience of all 3 sciences across a range of topics e.g. Matter, Electricity and Body Systems; developing their knowledge and understanding and their literacy, numeracy, research and communication skills.  Teachers use a range of strategies to make this experience active, engaging and challenging for our young people.

In S3 pupils have the opportunity to develop their knowledge further in one or more of the Sciences.  At this point they will be taught by a subject specialist.  This ensures that the can deepen and develop their knowledge and understanding as well as further develop their skills. 

In S1-S3 we also develop pupils understanding of the STEM subjects and application of their knowledge and skills to specific STEM activities.  This ensures that our young people have the necessary skills to progress in the senior phase.

Senior Phase

As a Science department we offer National 4, National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher across the Sciences.  This ensures that our young people can progress through the Sciences at an appropriate pace.  At National 5 level and above pupils must complete an SQA exam in order to gain the full award.

Science is an integral part of our economy and future and is therefore essential for a number of career pathways, for example; Forensic Science, Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Science, Zoology, Pharmacy, Nuclear Science, Engineering, Optometry, Biochemistry and MANY MANY MORE!!

Extra-curricular science

If you want to know more about science or want to be involved in activities out-with the curriculum you can come along to our STEM Science club or get involved with our eco-schools activities, where we are currently preparing our allotment to survive winter and prepare for spring.

We look forward to seeing you in our department.