Life at Lochgelly High School

School Dress Code


One of our core principles - Pride - is very strong developed through the wearing of school uniform. We place a great emphasis on our school uniform, which promotes high standards and promotes a sense of community and belonging. We believe that the uniform also helps to remove inequalities and removes bullying and victimisation. Learners feel that they 'belong' to the school and it establishes a 'ready for learning' attitude. We expect all learners to follow the uniform policy and will be looking to parents/carers to support us with this very important part of identifying with school life.


School Pupils in Uniform


We advise parents/carers to purchase blazers from the recommended local supplier. Any parent who wishes to apply for assistance with the costs of uniform and footwear should, in the first instance, contact their child's guidance teacher.

  • Black blazer with Lochgelly High School badge

  • Black trousers or skirt

  • White shirt with stiff collar

  • School tie (Junior school and Senior school)

  • Plain black jumper (optional)

  • Black shoes/boots

Recommended Supplier:

BE Schoolwear

36 High Street



Tel. 01592 269282

School Dress Code

Lochgelly High School Dress Code