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Mathematics is important in our everyday life. It equips us with the requisite skills we need to interpret and analyse information or simplify and solve problems, assess risk and make informed decisions.

The mathematics department consists of four full time and two part-time teachers. We strive to ensure that every pupil reaches their full potential and that they are well motivated and enjoy learning maths; they develop a sound understanding of numeracy and are able to transfer these skills to other areas of the curriculum and everyday life. There is an emphasis on empowering our pupils to become creative learners who can think and solve problems.

We offer an exciting experience across the Broad General Education (S1, S2 and S3) focussing on numeracy skills, investigations, analysing, research and problem solving. Our lessons are varied, ensuring that pupils are engaged by using active learning, co-operative learning; real-life contextual activities, and projects.  All of our classrooms have an interactive Smartboard.

Our pupils annually participate in National Mathematical Challenge competitions, fun activities and competitions for example Pi Day on the 13th March; World Maths Day; Sumdog competitions and UKMT National competitionsThe Maths Department also run the Lochgelly Savings Scheme every Friday from 10am until 10.30am, allowing members to save money in their Credit Union account weekly. This can be an excellent way to save and pay for school trips. There are prize draws held for our regular savers with some excellent prizes, including £50 High Street vouchers and book tokens. As well as the Credit Union, we work closely with Purvis, who work with our S3 and senior pupils demonstrating where maths can be used in real-life and in particular the building trade. Here the pupils work on developing team building skills; collaborative working; communication skills; analysing; evaluating and problem solving.

Lloyds bank deliver essential lifeskills workshops to our S2 pupils focusing on the importance of understanding money, the role of the bank and effective budgeting. They also worked with some of our senior classes, focusing on the importance of budgeting, savings and using savings accounts and borrowing money and loans.

When it’s time to move into the senior school there is a course suited to everyone, whether it is National 4, National 5, Higher or Advanced Higher Mathematics.  There is a real progression across these courses and what you have learned in one level impacts upon and builds your confidence and skills for the next.  The courses consist of four main areas: Expression and Formulae; Relationships; Applications and Numeracy. Don’t worry – nothing will be unfamiliar as we will have taught the foundations of these topics in S1, S2 and S3, allowing for progression into the Senior Phase. It is more challenging but much more interesting.

Alternatively, we offer National 3 Lifeskills; National 5 Numeracy; Personal Finance and Numeracy and Craft courses.

 A qualification in Mathematics is an excellent achievement which could open up many opportunities. Remember that all college or university courses and employers look for a qualification in Maths. Here are some careers requiring such qualifications:

1.   Animator - Making Cartoons!

2.   Special Effects Director

3.   Computer Scientist

4.   Computer Games Designer

5.   Forensic Scientist

6.   Astronaut

7.   Accountant

8.   Statistician

9.   Archictect

10.  Doctor

11. Fashion Designer

12. Astronomer

13. Science Journalist

14. Meteorologist

15. Environmental Consultant

16. Stockbroker

17. Interior Designer

18. Car Designer

19. Political Scientist

20. Petroleum Engineer

21. Aeronautical Engineer