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Acceptable Use Policy for ICT Equipment and the Internet

Acceptable Use Policy for ICT Equipment and the Internet

Lochgelly High School ICT Policy

The school has a clear policy in relation to mobile devises:

  • Lochgelly High School will discourage, and will advise parents/carers to discourage learners from bringing mobile devices to school.
  • Parents/carers will be advised that Fife Council will not accept liability for the loss or damage of mobile devices which are brought into the school or school grounds by learners.
  • If learners bring mobile devices to school, these must remain switched off and out of sight while the learners are in class. In some instances the teachers may allow learners to use phones, for example to record homework. this will be clearly stated by the teacher and should not be assumed.
  • Where a learner is found by a member of staff to be using a mobile device contrary to the policy of the school, the phone will be confiscated. When a phone is confiscated it can be collected by learners from the school reception at the end of the day.
  • If there is a misuse of the mobile phone policy by an individual, then it may be necessary to reinforce the policy by requesting that a parent/carer comes into school to uplift the mobile phone.
  • If a learner is found taking photographs/video footage with a mobile phone of either learners or staff, this will be regarded as a serious offence and the Rector, depending on circumstances, will decide the appropriate action. In certain circumstances, the learner may be referred to the Head of Education. If images of other learners or staff have been taken, the phone will not be returned to the learner until the images have been removed.

Use of Fife Council ICT

Learners will be considered to be stepping into a virtual classroom within Lochgelly High School when they either:

  • log onto a school computer using their pupil login details
  • access Glow at any time and from any device by entering their username and password

These are safe online environments and are tightly monitored by high-level software which quickly identifies any inappropriate use. It is important that pupil login details remain private. If a learner feels that anyone is using the details to access a school computer or tablet it is their responsibility to tell a member of staff as soon as possible.

The school has a very clear policy for learners using school computers or when accessing Glow from outwith school:

Behaviour in a virtual classroom (i.e. using school computers or when accessing Glow) will be treated as behaviour would be treated in a school classroom and young people will be subject to the same consequences.

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