Life at Lochgelly High School

Health and Well-Being


Welcome to the Faculty of Health and Wellbeing!

Our vision is to be a Faculty in which our participants are engaged, challenged and enthusiastic about the opportunities available to them in their learning.

We aim to provide our pupils with individual and collaborative, “real life” experiences which are diverse, challenging, progressive and fun - promoting both independence and working with others.

In line with our whole school vision, we uphold the following values:

  • ambition, pride, respect, equity, commitment and no excuses.

The Faculty of Health and Wellbeing comprises two departments – Health and Food Technologies and Physical Education. With nine permanent members of staff – each with varying levels of life and work experience, we offer a core curriculum which is broad and inclusive.In addition - in tandem with the introduction of the new National Qualifications - staff have worked tirelessly to expand their skills, confidence and expertise within their respective subjects, so that, regardless of a young person’s physical ability or intellect, they can access a Health and Wellbeing course at a level which – with great perseverance - they can attain and achieve success:

  • Care, National 4 and National 5
  • Health and Food Technology, National 4, National 5 and Higher
  • Hospitality Practical Cake Craft, National 5
  • Hospitality Practical Cookery, National 3, National 4 and National 5
  • Physical Education, National 2, National 3, National 4, National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher
  • Sport and Recreation, National 5

Feedback from our most recent Learning and Teaching Walkthrough highlighted our strengths and areas for development as follows:

  • STRENGTHS: Clear safety routines. Clear organisation and planning for teaching and learning. Pace and challenge is set appropriately to the needs of individuals’. Differentiation is evident in more than half of lessons.
  • AREAS FOR DEVELOPMENT: Improving the quality of feedback we give to our learners. Challenging our more able learners by encouraging higher order thinking and using higher order questioning techniques to encourage independent learning in our young people.

It is using this feedback, in connection with our own observations and the views of our pupils that we have constructed our priorities for our development work this session.

Our Team consists of the following staff:

Principal Teacher of Health and Wellbeing:

Mrs Laura Devine (Teacher of Physical Education)


Teachers of Health and Food Technologies:

Mrs Grindlay

Miss Sinclair (PT1 Skills for Life, Learning and Work)

Mrs Haye


Teachers of Physical Education:

Miss Soutar

Mrs Melville (Head of School of Sport)

Mr Mulligan

Miss Barlow

Miss S Anderson

Mr S Duthie


Coach School of Rugby / School of Sport

Mr Cameron Dunn


Active Schools Coordinator

Miss Moira Fitzpatrick