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Deepening Differentiation Key Staff Pupil Support

Integrated Pupil Support

Our vision in Lochgelly High School is to work in partnership to create an inclusive school community which has high expectations of all and places the learner at the centre of everything we do.

Our policy and practice is built on our shared belief in the potential of all young people and our commitment to help each of our learners to achieve their potential. We are committed to meeting the needs of all learners. This includes identifying the needs of, and providing support and challenge to, both individuals and groups who may have additional support needs arising from, for example, the learning environment, family circumstances, disability or health needs or social and emotional factors.

We recognise that support needs may be short or long term. Within the Integrated Pupil Support Faculty there are four Principal Teachers of Guidance, two Pupil Support Teachers and a team of Pupil Support Assistants.

Restorative Approaches

Lochgelly High School is a happy, safe, and respectful environment where everybody is given the opportunity to learn together. We are increasingly using restorative approaches to resolve challenges which may arise for some of our learners. These may some-times differ from traditional approaches, such as punishment exercises, detention or even exclusion from school and, instead, tend to focus on reflection, support and the promotion of improved relationships for all involved.

As well as our Integrated Pupil Support Team, each subject teacher at Lochgelly High School has a clear responsibility to meet the needs and take an active interest in the welfare of all students. All teachers in our community therefore play a pastoral role. For every member of staff at Lochgelly High School the happiness and wellbeing of our students is of the utmost importance.

Students entering S1 will be allocated to one of the House Groups and will remain in that group, under the care of the same Guidance Teacher, until they leave school. The Guidance Teacher is the first point of contact for parents/carers. We encourage parents/carers to maintain very close links with us through open and constructive home-school contact and encourage you to contact these staff by contacting the Main Office , as and when appropriate. This ensures individual support and understanding for all our students and positive family and community engagement.

Please also see information on Attendance and Guidance Staff in our Wellbeing section.